DS #100: Glamour, Guns, and Girlfriends

August 12, 2016

For our 100th episode, we've got something very special: Nothing! (We'll do something special, like a live recording, another time.) Instead, here's a fun-filled breakneck journey through Obama's feminism, Trump's psychosis, TayBot's love for Hitler, and awesome hip-hop from French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux. Enjoy!


DS#99a: Interview with Sarah Schulman

August 9, 2016

After a hiatus of more than eight months, the Didactic SynCast is back. Join me for a conversation with legendary author and activist Sarah Schulman. We discuss her new novel The Cosmopolitans (based on La Cousine Bette by Honoré de Balzac), the ACT UP Oral History Project, the Boycott/Divest/Sanctions Movement, writing, politics, life, and a dozen other topics.

As always, get in touch through Twitter ( @DukeSkath ) or email ( esp(at)fbesp.org ).

Here are links to events and resources we discussed: